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Botox Injections for Treating Teeth
Grinding and Clenching

Botox injections has been widely used for various kinds of cosmetic treatments such as removing wrinkles from, reshaping the nose, reshaping the lips, reducing excessive underarm sweating, aligning misaligned eyes and many more and now it is used for getting rid of bruxism. Bruxism is the habit of teeth grinding and clenching that can ultimately cause irreparable damage to your teeth.

What is Botox?

The chemical botulinum toxin in its purified state is known as Botox. It is a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The toxin is highly poisonous in its unpurified state and it can cause lethal health complications. However, for medical treatment, only small quantity of diluted Botox is used. Since many years, Botox has been used in a variety of cosmetic procedures.

How Does Botox Work?

Your doctor will not administer anesthesia before injecting Botox shots. It takes only few minutes to administer Botox. When Botox is administered to a person, it first blocks the nerve impulses. This causes the contraction of the muscles to decrease and within seconds the muscles will be in relaxed state. It can take up to two or three days to see the desired result for treating any kind of health condition.

Botox and Bruxism

If you suffer from bruxism, your dentist will suggest you to get rid of trigger factors like stress, eating hard food items, and he may also suggest you to wear dental guards or splints. However, these ways will help you to overcome bruxism quickly.

When you visit a cosmetic dentist (orthodontist) to treat bruxism, he may suggest your Botox injections for treating it. He will inject small amounts of Botox into your jaw muscles. It will weaken your jaw muscles and this will effectively stop your teeth grinding and clenching habit. Even while you are sleeping, you will not grind your teeth. All the associated symptoms such as pain and headache will reduce considerably. Depending on the severity of your bruxism, you may have to undergo two or three Botox injection sessions for couple of months. Botox treatment will not affect the way you chew your food. It will also not affect your facial expressions.

Why you should consider Botox for Bruxism?

Botox specialists suggest that Botox treatment can be considered for various reasons. When you know that your teeth grinding and clenching habit has not gone even after taking oral medicine for it, Botox can be quite helpful. It may take up to one or two weeks to observe positive results even if you have been having suffering from bruxism since several months.

You will not have to depend on muscle relaxing and pain relieving medicines. Botox treatment will not only relax your jaw muscles but also eliminate the pain. After Botox receiving treatment, you will grind your teeth and clench your jaws while you are sleeping.