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Most people don't consider the value of foods, exercising and common sense when it comes to healthy living and prolonging our longevity.

healthy living Oxygen fills the body and beats fatigue. If you're feeling tired, just take a few deep breaths. Revitalize your mind by finding a quiet place and breathing deeply for ten minutes.

healthy living When you're feeling low, reach for a quick-fix food such as fruit, pasta or whole-grain muffins. Don't snack on sugar filled sweets if you want to pep up. After the initial sugar high, you will just sink lower than ever.

healthy living Being overweight is bad for your health and makes energy levels plummet. Your body has to work harder and longer just to move and breathe! Each pound you lose will add to your vitality.

healthy living An ideal remedy for fatigue is zinc. You can find the marvelous zinc mineral in lean meats, eggs, cheese, breakfast cereals and whole-grain breads. Or you can buy it in tablet form at any health food store.

healthy living Too much rest can be exhausting. If your muscles are not worked for 24 hours, they'll weaken - and you'll feel tired. But there's an easy remedy. Simply do any exercise for at least ten minutes a day. You'll have so much pep in your step, you'll want more.

healthy living Keeps your energy levels high with water. Your body needs at least two pints of water a day to function properly. So water up - and you'll feel ready to tackle anything.

healthy living The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Jump start your body into action with a healthy meal of low-fat favorites breakfast items such as low-fat yogurt, fruit, unsweetened fruit juice or whole-grain cereal. A tasty treat in the morning will fortify you and help prevent an energy slump by lunchtime.

healthy living A 20-minute exercise session three times a week will improve your fitness level. Walking, swimming, jogging or easy stretching charges your battery and releases hormones that make you happy and make your body look younger and firmer.

healthy living Start laughing, this is really the best medicine. Go ahead and giggle. It speeds up your metabolism and makes your body work at peak efficiency. When you're feeling fatigued, watch TV, read the funnies or ask a friend if they have heard a good joke lately. You'll feel better before the punch line.

healthy living Iron fortifies your blood. It's a mineral you can't be low on if you want to be full of vim and vigor. Make sure your daily diet includes plenty of iron-rich foods by eating liver, eggs, apricots, whole-grain bread, dark leafy green vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals.

healthy living Activity generates more activity. Laziness only makes you lazier. The more activity you do, the more you'll want to do. Make a daily list and check off the things you accomplish as you finish them.

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