A good time to be on the lookout for medical symptoms of spinal meningitis (especially involving your young kids) is today so keep in mind the spinal meningitis risk factors and spinal meningitis signs & symptoms. Especially watch-out for bacterial meningitis, which is a significant medical condition and can turn-out to be be a medical emergency vs less severe viral-meningitis.

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Viral Spinal Meningitis Information Health Guide
Covering Meningitis Causes, Signs & Symptoms

The disease "Viral Spinal Meningitis" is serious and possibly life threatening (especially involving more serious bacterial spinal meningitis) resulting from an inflammation and swelling of the protective membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, known as meninges. Child ill with spinal meningitis symptoms Spinal meningitis appears to be getting more frequently diagnosed by doctors in patients with certain symptoms as time goes by.

The inflammation is usually caused by an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Spinal Meningitis is also referred to as "Viral Spinal Meningitis", or the bacterial version of spinal meningitis, which is called "Bacterial Spinal Meningitis".

Spinal Meningitis may develop in response to a number of causes, most of the time it's bacteria or viruses (viral), but spinal-meningitis can also be caused by physical injury, cancer or certain drugs.

The severity of illness and the treatment for spinal meningitis varies depending on its cause. Therefore, it's important to know the specific cause of meningitis. For example, bacterial meningitis is usually more severe than viral, fungal or parasitic meningitis. Because it can be very serious, bacterial meningitis can be treated with antibiotics that may prevent severe illness and reduce the spread of meningitis disease infection from person to person.

The onset of Spinal Meningitis disease is characterized by a sudden fever, headache and a stiff neck. It's often accompanied by other symptoms, such as:


Risk Factors of Viral Spinal Meningitis

The most effective way to protect yourself and your child against certain types of meningitis is to complete the childhood vaccine schedule. The risk of meningitis increases by not following the recommended vaccine schedule. Other factors which may increase your risk of prevention for viral meningitis spinal meningitis include these factors:


Diagnosis of Viral Spinal Meningitis

The specific causes of meningitis may be determined by tests used to identify the virus in samples collected from the patient.

Viral meningitis is generally less severe and resolves without specific treatment.

Most viral meningitis cases in the USA, especially during the summer months, are caused by enteroviruses; however, only a small number of people with enterovirus infections actually develop meningitis.

Other viral infections that can lead to meningitis include: