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Exactly what is a Laser?

The acronym for LASER is Light Amplified by Stimulated by Emissions of Radiation. The laser emits a light whose feature wavelength is selected according to the area the dermatologist wishes to treat. However, there are several types of lasers available according to what the dermatologist wishes to do.

Laser Treatment - There is new laser technology known as 'cool-glide.' All skin types can be laser treated. In most cases this hair removal method is permanent. There might be mild discomfort. It can be expensive depending on the size of the area to be treated. It is important to get professional laser treatment to avoid skin damage. The results of laser treatment is permanent.

The Laser is a powerful beam of light that can produce intense heat when focused at close range. Lasers are used in medicine in micro-surgery, cauterization, for diagnostic purposes, etc. For example, lasers are employed in microsurgery to cut and remove tissue.

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Laser Wrinkle Removal

People are becoming very conscious of their physical appearance and the desire to look their best getting ready for surgeryis widespread. However, as you age the conditions of the skin deteriorates – and lines and wrinkles evolve over time. Over exposure to the sun is a main cause of undesirable changes in the skin and cause wrinkles. While some people are contented with the changes of their skin, some want to improve and gain back their youthful appearance.

With laser wrinkle removal treatment, you have the opportunity to improve how you look and address your wrinkle problems. The laser usually safely removes the fine lines on the skin surrounding the mouth, nose, forehead and eyelids.

In the laser wrinkle removal process, a hand-held laser is used by a surgeon or physician to remove the top layer of skin. The laser penetrates the affected area to change the skin’s surface and stimulate collagen production. The procedure usually takes an hour, however may take longer depending on the size of the area needing treatment. This treatment does not need a preparation or recovery time - unlike other surgical procedures that do.

After the laser wrinkle procedure, the patient will be given specific instructions by the surgeon on how to take care of the treated skin. It's necessary for a patient to avoid exposure to the sun after the laser procedure. Wearing sunblock for six months after treatment is needed to avoid some complications. Discolored skin and uneven tanned skin will occur if the patient is exposed to sun after treatment. Exposure to the sun may also result in swollen and weepy skin for a few days - and even redness for several weeks.

Laser wrinkle removal brings benefits and with some risks involved. It's important that a patient consult the surgeon before undergoing a therapy and know the possible risks that may apply. The possibility of complications after laser wrinkle removal depends on the type of procedure and the general health of the patient. Complications will be avoided if the laser wrinkle removal procedure is done properly and if the patient is well informed by the surgeon in taking care of their skin after the treatment.

Tattoo Removal

Those who regret getting a tattoo and want it safely removed, can do so with the use of a laser to destroy the tattoo ink. Multiple laser treatments may be needed, depending on the size of the tattoo and the inks used. Some tattoos cannot be completely removed with lasers, and lasers may scar some types of skin. Before you get a tattoo make sure you'll want to live with it forever.

Below are procedures that can be treated with a dermatological laser

  • Hair removal: excess hair or hirsutism
  • Birthmarks (Skin Stains)
  • Brown spots or age spots
  • Body & Face Wrinkles
  • Chronic & Acute Sinusitis

Laser Danger & Warnings

Medical lasers can be dangerous! Laser treatments should only be done by experienced medical doctors who have experience working with laser equipment. Getting Doctor Evidence about medical therapy laser risk vs rewards is always a good idea. Unfortunately, there have been a number of reports of patients being severely disfigured and burned when laser treatment was performed by unqualified persons with little or no medical experience or training.

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