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There are many people and internet-businesses with keen interest in the keyword health name Spinal Meningitis, with potential SpinalMeningitis site users being well known in the industry, including health related websites involved in various internet based health businesses. For a real-time search to see "Spinal Meningitis" keyword popularity for this exact search-term, please click-on Spinal Meningitis search results. You will see active use on the-web of exact-match Spinal Meningitis keywords and may aslo find this website highly ranked in the search-results.

A major reason dot-org and dot-com domains are so valuable is the billions of marketing and branding dollars spent on the extensions for so long, including ongoing media and TV commercials. Another major reason they are the best domain extensions is because when someone is looking for a product, service, business or name they typically will add dot-com or dot-org to the term and type it in to their browser using the assumed extension.

Please keep in mind dot-org domains are often used by health and wellness websites because the 'organization' connotation is considered quite trustworthy and thus goes very nicely and naturally regarding health names. In fact, all the example health sites below use dot-org as their primary online website name and strongly indicates dot-org website-names are better than dot-com's, at least as far as large health resource sites are concerned.

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With that said, you may be thinking about making an offer to buy website and/or domain name. However, this domain (registered 10-years ago) and the website is not listed for-sale except possibly for use as a health portal similar to major internet health resources like -- -- -- -- -- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ( -- -- or health portal website operators and web developers; who may reach us by going-here.

Please note, domain and site is not listed for sale to smaller companies, investors or individuals as we desire this website-name be used in conjunction with a large health portal dedicated to helping people, families and doctors, or used by a large medical industry firm for benefit of people suffering from meningitis disease.

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